Lightroom to Photoshop Editing – PART 3

Posted on: December 7th, 2015 1

This is the FINAL video of this series……thankfully. 🙂 At least this video is relatively short at under 7 minutes. In it, we see how to mask the hair and create a white background. There are MANY ways to do this….i choose the very simple technique using a Layer Mask and in new white layer. This wasn’t my intention. If you go back to PART 1 you’ll see that I went through the trouble of making the original background neutral gray. My intention was to then use a new BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST Adjustment Layer with a Layer Mask to simply change the brightness of the background. The important part here is in the creation of a USABLE selection using Refine Edge. From there you can use any number of techniques to achieve the desired result.

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  1. Gerry Carboy says:

    Gary, love your vids especially PhotoShop. I need a lesson … lol

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