Selections and Layers-Part 3

Posted on: January 16th, 2011 0

A Much Better Result Than Part 2!

In Part 2, I showed a relatively easy way to create the final image to the right, though not as good as the this. However, it was not the BEST way to do it. This time, we do the same exercise, but by leveraging the awesome power of Layers, Layers Masks, and Blending Modes, we get a higher quality result, which you see at right.

This video is long-ish at @ 25 minutes. Sorry about that, but I wanted to make sure everything was explained as best as I could. I am transitioning my videos to YouTube, but this one was too long so I had to make the online version in Flash.

PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE ACCOMPANYING FILE BELOW! You learn so much better when you can follow along. Even if you aren’t comprehending everything, you should follow the video to the end. You WILL eventually understand the various tools and concepts covered in the video. Plus, you can even download the ENTIRE VIDEO to your own computer, so you can check it out anytime with having to go online. It’s a large file at over 200 megs, but once you downlaod it’s yours. C’mon, show me some love!

Get the exercise file: Get Image

[flv: 580 325]
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