Aliens – Part 2

Posted on: July 8th, 2011 0

Aliens – Part 2

This video is the second in the series on how to create this image in Photoshop Elements 9 and above. It picks up where the first one leaves off, so you MUST watch that one first!

I intended to finish up the rest of the project in this video, but when I finally came up for air I discovered it was an HOUR LONG! Consequently, I broke it up into 2 installments. The reason I am pointing this out is because you’ll hear me say you need to have 4 other files open in Elements and ready-to-go. In fact, you’ll only need the 3 provided below. The 4th one is for the next installment. Also, the background image below is in JPG format, instead of .PSD. I did this because the native format version of this file was over 20mb. That was just too large, so I converted to a JPEG. The image is still the same size and resolution as the original, but one-tenth the size. This is the magic of JPEG files….they look great and are much smaller.

As usual, you can either view the tutorial from this page by simply clicking on the “play” button, or download a larger Quicktime version for viewing on your machine. The video is roughly 29 minutes, so like before you may find it easier to download the Quicktime version so you can view it at your leisure without having to be online.

Get the exercise files:

Get the Background Image – 2.5mb

Get the Barbie Image – 7mb

Get the Shuttle Image – 6.5mb

[flv: 544 416]
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