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Posted on: February 24th, 2009 0

Here is a Photoshop tutorial that covers lots of stuff……all of it pretty easy and if you’re relatively new to Photoshop you’ll get a lot out of this.

Basically, we go from the first photo below to the second photo:

tutorial image onetutorial image two

Rather than just explain all of the basic tools and menu commands, you get to see them in action in a “real-world” project. In the process, you’ll learn about:

  • The Move Tool – keyboard shortcut = ‘V’
  • The Clone Tool (Rubber Stamp)keyboard shortcut = ‘S’
  • The Pen Toolkeyboard shortcut = ‘P’
  • Intro to Selections
  • PathsPaths Pallette
  • Convert Path to SelectionPaths Pallette
  • The Direct Selection Tool keyboard shortcut = ‘A’
  • Polygon Lasso Toolkeyboard shortcut = ‘L’
  • Transformkeyboard shortcut = ‘command’ + ‘T’ (control + T on PC)
  • Warp‘file/transform/warp’ or ‘right’-click in the Free Transform tool
  • Simple Layers Stuff

If you want to download the same image that I use, corrected for white balance, you can do it HERE.

I realize I kinda gloss over some stuff, but it’s like 35 minutes long so I tried to be thorough yet move quickly. Post a comment if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

[flv: 540 405]

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