Masking Another Object – Bee Wings!

Posted on: June 19th, 2009 1

Photoshop CS4 is many things to many people….depending on what the goal is. Since I tend to make composite images almost exclusively, masking is super important. I need to select various elements from several diferent photos and combine them into a new composition.

In this screencast we take a look at masking another object that has translucent areas…..bee wings. We explore complex selections using Alpha Channels, Layer Masks, and brushing in opacity. I use these techniques all the time. It is important to understand Alpha Channels and what you can accomplish with them. While I touch on Alpha Channels here, this is by no means a definitive tutorial on them. Maybe the next time I’ll address Alpha Channels exclusively.

Please don’t be afraid to leave comments. How else can I get feedback on how to improve my screencasts?

[flv: 540 405]

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  1. oh…thank you for sharing your own piece of art…

    keep on posting!

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