NY Walking Tour



We’ll take the Staten Island Ferry to lower Manhattan and walk through Battery Park, shooting whatever is interesting…..and there is always plenty that’s interesting. We’ll make our way to the Brooklyn Bridge before dusk, just in time to shoot the lower Manhattan skyline at sunset. Once the lights come on on the Brooklyn Bridge, you’ll get an opportunity for some beautiful shots of this classic structure. Then we’ll head back to the ferry. Best of all, we’ll have a good time! 🙂

What You Can Expect

During this tour you’ll be exposed to low-light shooting and rapidly changing light and shadows, learning how to adapt quickly to varying conditions to get the best shots with your DSLR. I am there to help you guys! I will address ANY questions you have and help you gain better understanding of both your camera and shooting in general. I will show you a variety of techniques and explain how and when to use different lenses (which you may want to include in your gear, but are not absolutely necessary).

To shoot the skyline, we are talking about exposures of 5 seconds or more, so a tripod is an absolute necessity. You might want to bring a backpack to carry extra gear, such as additional lenses and a spare battery. However, you should prepare to travel light as there’s a significant amount of walking involved, sometimes over uneven surfaces. The tour will be limited to 4 people. This tour involves A LOT of walking. If you aren’t prepared to walk at least 5 miles please don’t sign up!

The Cost

Now only $55!

My Guarantee

Its pretty simple. If you didn’t like it, I’ll give you a full refund! Since I’m not a lawyer I can keep it simple. 🙂

The Schedule

Expect to spend up to 6 hours, starting with the 4:00 pm ferry from St. George terminal in Staten Island. Though there will be a planned itinerary, it is subject to change since there is always the chance for something unexpected and interesting to shoot.

Sunset will be at 8:20 pm on May 31, so we need to be on the Brooklyn side of the bridge at least an hour before. You can still get amazing images after sunset as well! We’ll try to get the 10 pm ferry back to Staten Island. There is no guarantee that we will make that particular ferry, so try not to schedule anything after the tour. Chances are you’ll be too tired anyway!

What To Bring

  • Tripod – for long exposure night shooting
  • Extra lenses – not necessary, but helpful
  • Extra Battery and Camera Cards
  • Remote Shutter Release – For long exposure tripod shooting
  • Backpack

Weather Cancellation Policy

I need 4 people in order to do this tour. If less than 4 people sign up I will cancel, and those who did sign up will of course get a full refund.

Unsettled weather usually provides great shooting opportunities. Therefor, unless there is a STEADY RAIN predicted, or there is clearly an element of danger involved, I will NOT cancel the tour due to weather. If you decide not to attend, even though I am going on the tour, I will not refund your money.

Some Example Images

Here are a few examples of what you’ll see. If you have any questions as to how to set up for shots like these, I will be happy to help! It’s easier than you think. 🙂

Walking Tour Sign-Up

This tour is limited to 4 people. The cost is $55 per person, plus your own expense to travel into and around the city. The Staten Island Ferry is free, and parking is $8 at the ferry terminal. The ferry leaves for New York at 4:00. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO GET YOURSELF TO THE FERRY ON TIME!!

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