Hartshorne Woods Walking Tour

When: Sunday, July 27, 7-9:30 am

You can be at any skill-level to sign up for this class. Don’t feel like you don’t know enough. I’ve shot there many times myself so I’m not there to make pictures, I’m there to help YOU make pictures!

People don’t realize how difficult this can be. Wooded areas, especially at fist glance, are visually chaotic. This makes it hard to create an interesting photograph, because all that chaos translates into a boring image.

The idea is to find the right composition by seeking out the proper camera angle, noticing how the light informs the scene, and observing the foreground and background that can give your shots some context. Because the area of Hartshorne Woods we’ll be in overlooks Sea Bright, there are interesting views that create opportunities for photographic compositions.

We will meet at the Rocky Point entrance at 7am, when the sun is still relatively low in the sky, and make our way along the Rocky Point trail, stopping to grab some shots along the way. The walk should take around 2 hours, maybe more. Besides your camera, you should bring a tripod for some long-exposures, and maybe an extra lens for different focal lengths.

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This tour is limited to 4 people. Its better to have a small group so I can help you with any questions or issues. The cost is $30.