DSLR 2 – The Next Step

starting March 31 and ending April 14…3 evenings total
Roughly 6 – 8 pm

Want To Go Shooting?

This class is meant to follow the “Meet Your DSLR” class that I teach at Thompson Park in Lincroft. It is mostly a review of that class. Here’s the deal:

The class is LIMITED TO 4 PEOPLE!* This way I can make sure everyone’s issues get addressed individually.

There is no “classroom”; we meet at 3 different locations and just shoot for 2 hours; approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour before sunset and one to 1 ½ hours after. As far as the locations, that’s flexible. We meet in Marine Park for the first class. We’ll decide on the other 2 locations as we go.

Who Is This Class For?

This class is aimed at those who feel they need more instruction and experience with the fundamentals. If you are still confused about how to get the right exposure, when to use certain lenses and focal lengths, and want to learn about flash photography, then you’ll get a lot out of this experience. Every shooting situation presents unique challenges and problems to solve. I am there to help you work through the issues. This is the best way to learn!

The Weather

Since all classes take place outdoors, if it’s raining, or the light is just terrible (as in thick cloud-cover), we reschedule by either pushing everything back by a week, or finding another day before the next class. Either way, there are 3 classes total at 3 different locations.

The cost is $99**. You can pay via CC or PayPal by clicking the “Sign Up” button below, or you can give me a CC#, cash, or check at the 1st class. If you want to pay at the 1st class, PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP so I can reserve you place.

*If less than 3 people sign up, then I won’t run the class. The person or people who sign up will of course get a full refund.

**I require 48 hour notice of cancellation. If you cancel within 48 hours and I cannot fill your slot, you will not receive a refund. If you miss a class, I will do my best to get you up-to-speed, but try not to!!!