Bridge Tutorials

Learn Bridge CS4

Photoshop gets all the attention so Bridge tends get ignored and underused. Here is a series of videos to help you get the most out of this great little application!

Topic Summary Size(MB) Length
Total Running Time: 1.5 hrs
Right-clicking on a Mac PC users can ignore this 1.3 1:36
Why Use Bridge? Life without Bridge 7 6:21
Review Mode – New in CS4 A cool new way to view files! 7.5 1:15
First Things First Some very basic Preference settings 3.4 2:41
The Photo Downloader Life is good with this puppy! 10 6:01
The Easiest Way to Bring in Images Watch this, if you watch no other! 30 12:39
The Navigation Panel Your window into your computer 7.9 6:02
Intro to Workspaces More ways to view your files 12.8 6:38
Labels plus Camera Raw More cool Bridge stuff 14.2 7:00
Filters Organizing files the EASY way! 6.2 3:38
Collections Unleash the real power of Bridge 11 7:45
Contact Sheet PDF and the Output Module 6.9 5:08
PDF & Photoshop You can edit PDF files! 9.1 6:23
Printing a PDF – Part 1 Printing a PDF file in Photoshop 11 8:52
Printing a PDF – Part 2 Printing a PFD in Acrobat 4.5 3:10
Burning a CD The one thing you can’t do in Bridge 6.7 5:10
DNG The case for DNG plus Lightroom 14.5 7:57